Certificate of Authenticity

Please follow the instructions below in order to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity for ANY paintings, drawings or ceramics attributed to the the artist
Antonio Gattorno - Cuba/United States(1904-1980)

This website is maintained by the Gattorno Foundation. Terri Cabral, President, holds the copyright for ALL Gattorno images. Use and reproduction of Gattorno images without permission is illegal. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Permission can be granted to use the images. Please email The Foundation for permission.

In order for a work by Antonio Gattorno to receive a Certificate of Authenticity from the Gattorno Foundation, Terri Cabral and/ or Sean Poole must examine it personally, so that we may perform a methodically conducted study of thematic style, signature evaluation, brush stroke tendencies and a general comparison to an extensive sampling of Gattorno's work in the Estate Collection and the Foundation's archives. If necessary, a pigmentation analysis will be performed to further support our evaluation. We also ask that you provide the title of the work in addition to the provenance, if that is known.

The cost is $500.00 (US) for a Certificate of Authenticity, PLUS shipping, PLUS the cost of the pigmentation analysis - if it is necessary.

There are two options:

1.) The person wanting the Certificate may ship the painting to the Gattorno Foundation in North Myrtle Beach, SC USA, where the Foundation experts can efficiently conduct the evaluation of the work and the comparison to the Estate Collection. In this case the work should be shipped accompanied by a check for the required amount. If the painting is determined not to be authentic we will issue a Certificate of Non-Authenticity, and return the painting. If a pigmentation analysis is performed, an invoice will be sent. Payment for the pigmentation analysis is required before the painting is returned.

2.) If one prefers NOT to ship the painting, travel arrangements must be made for either Terri Cabral or Sean Poole or both to the painting’s location. All travel expenses including air fare and accommodations, plus the cost of the Certificate and the pigmentation analysis, if that is necessary, must be paid in advance by the person requesting the Certificate of Authenticity.

For the complete address and any further questions, please email
The Gattorno Foundation.


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