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Offered by the Gattorno Foundation from the Estate Collection
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The Gattorno Foundation is offering a selection of works on paper by Antonio Gattorno: Watercolors, gouaches, sketches and prints.

These are signed originals from the Gattorno Estate collection and are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. This is an opportunity to acquire rare and exquisite art by one of the true master painters of all time and help us to continue to restore Gattorno's legacy in Art History.

We have included a selection of limited edition exhibit posters from the Gattorno retrospective presented the spring of 2005 at the Lowe Museum in Miami. We are also offering a limited edition digital print of the 1927 oil painting “ Guajiros y Platanos”.

Email the Gattorno Foundation at for price and payment information. Thank you.

Limited Edition Posters

"Guajiros y Platanos"

30” x 23” Limited Edition Print on archival quality, acid-free paper – Only a few remain! $50.00    

Item Name: Guajiros y Platanos Poster
Price: $50.00

Poster 1 - Lowe Museum Exhibit 2005

                     "My Mother's Portrait" - $25.00 - 24" x 28" Only a few remain.

Item Name: Poster 1 Lowe
Price: $25.00

Poster 2 - Lowe Art Museum Exhibit 2005

                     "Italian Landscape" - $25.00 - 24"x 28" - Only a few remain.

Item Name: Poster 2 - Lowe
Price: $25.00

Please go to bottom of page to add shipping. Thank you. Posters will NOT ship without postage paid.

Rare Etchings
                     Portrait of a woman – 1943. Etching on wove paper. Artist’s proof. 9” x 11”.


Venus & Cavalier - 1943
Etching on wove paper Number 3 of 15 Full Size 13” x 17” / Image size 8” x 10” Listed as “D” in the 1996 Gattorno Estate Collection Appraisal by Bernard Ewell, ASA


Woman Sitting on a Beach  Woman Sitting on a Beach – 1945 Pencil on wove sketchbook paper 17” x 14”

Classical Statue  Sketch of a classical statue – 1945 Black India ink on wove sketchbook paper 14” x 17”


Isabel Knitting  Isabel knitting – 1943 India & ink wash on wove paper 13” x 19”

Rope Walker  Rope Walker – 1951 Sepia ink on cream-colored wove paper 12.5” x 19”

Woman in a Red Shawl  Woman in a Red Shawl – 1947 Ink and ink wash on wove paper 9” x 17” Featured on page 219 in ‘GATTORNO: A Cuban Painter For The World' by Sean M. Poole

The Fallen Hero  The Fallen Hero – 1943 Black & magenta India ink on wove paper 11” x 14.5” Sketch for a painting This image also exists as an etched copper plate and a series of prints.


Study for a figure in The Dream of St. Luke painting  Study for a figure in the oil painting “The Dream of St. Luke” – 1944 Pencil on heavy smooth art paper 11” x 14”


Untitled Portrait  Untitled portrait – 1946 India ink on blue construction paper 9.5” x 10.5”

Hands & Face  Hands & face – 1942 Sketchbook page Black & Red India ink 9” x 12”

The Road of the Refugee  Study for the painting “The Road of the Refugee” - 1941 India ink & pencil on artist’s board 20” x 8”.

Shipping for POSTERS is $8.50.

Item Name: Poster Postage
Price: $8.50

Shipping for ORIGINAL ART or ETCHINGS will also include INSURANCE. Shipping prices will vary on ORIGINAL art depending on size and quantity.

Please email for prices. Thank you.

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