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La Tarantella

La Tarantella - 1951
           Chanteclair                                                               Pomegranate Madonna

           Chanteclair - 1951                                                                                Pomegranate Madonna - 1953

           The Windmill                                          The Watermelon

                     The Windmill - 1960                                                                The Watermelon - 1977

The Windmill -
The stark, mystical quality of this piece typifies the finest works of Gattorno's ‘Surrealismo Puro”. Images which have played in various roles throughout his paintings since the 1920's, have now been recast in a minimal narrative composition rich with a subtle interplay of light, color and form

The Watermelon - Gattorno painted “The Watermelon” in Acushnet, Massachusetts more than twenty years after his last visit to Cuba. The distant sliver of coastline on the horizon and the lush, lifelike rendering of the fruit on a table of his own construction, reveals Gattorno's deep rooted connection to his homeland, the tropics and the sea. The table is one of a series of tile-topped tables he built during his collaboration with Adele Wybrant in the 1950’s

         Francois Gallant                      Profile and Butterfly
      François Gallant - 1975                                                           Profile and Butterfly

François Gallant -
The son of Gattorno's best friend - Frank Gallant. The young boy reminded Gattorno of the guajiros he painted in his youth.

Profile and Butterfly - In this masterful painting, the final portrait of his career and of his beloved wife Isabel, Gattorno combines the techniques of classically inspired minimalist composition and photographic realism. He has not lost but continues to hone and develop what Hemingway once described as " ...his delicacy, his aloof passion, his detachment and his full understanding."

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