krgilman aka AmetistiArtistís Statement

I am an artist continuously searching for creative inspiration. This has been a wonderful and interesting journey. After 3 years serving in the U.S. Army, I spent a year studying Advertising Design in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The following 2 years I applied myself to the Visual Arts Studies at the University of Texas in Austin, and followed that with 2 years at Sam Houston State University, earning my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Photography in 1996.

After relocating to Connecticutt, I found myself sitting in front of my paintings and photographic work wondering if the essence of their meanings would be realized. I have come to understand that Spiritual Symbolism may be difficult for many to grasp. But my understanding of this is tempered with knowing that Art is the universial language.

Many viewers might say my work is Esoteric in nature. I would agree to a point, but if I had to label my work it would fall into the Allegorical category. Maybe it is better said that my work is a child of the New Age passion and Spiritual Symbolism, full of hidden meanings, bright colors, and hope. I believe my work stands out because my depictions are of inner truths and faith, two subjects which have always captured man's inner thoughts, that part of us which makes us most human.

~KRGilman aka: Ametisti

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