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Personal Profile of Carmit Carmit Giladi-Pollard is an Israeli artist, graphic designer, and teacher,residing in Israel.
Over the past 25 years or so she has illustrated numerous children's books, with text in the Hebrew and English languages.
Her particular favourite, and speciality is in the illustration of children's books for the age range 3-8 years old. Some of these illustrations are presented here in the galleries, including illustrations from her latest book;"Long Robe with Sleeves" published in Israel in 2004. This is the first book that Carmit has co-authored, with Mirik Snir. Also included are illustrations from, " A Sea in Jerusalem" published 2003, the ever popular " Butterfly" published in 1986, and " Bug Bear Night".

" Early childhood is probably the most influential
period of life...within my illustrations I try to create a warm,colourful, and happy atmosphere, in which children can discover more than the writen word"....Carmit

A few notes...................
The link here to; "Children's Book Illustration - Top 100 Sites" provides an excellent source for viewing some of the best contemporary children's book illustration sites to be found on the web, and is well recommended. The link opens in a new window, and may take a while to load on slow connections to the net. Anyone interested in the history of book illustration is recommended to visit the site " Womens children's book illustration", a link is provided in the "links" section of this site. A personal profile of Carmit can be found by clicking on the photo.
Carmit is a member of the Israeli Illustrators organisation, a link to this site, and other galleries where Carmit has works can also be found on the "links" page.
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Carmit works mainly with ecoline, pencil, crayon and
gouache on paper. Her style is simple, naive,
colourful, and gay.
The original hand-created illustrations are of course scanned for publishing, and undergo the usual digital processing before printing.
Carmit's original illustrations have appeared in exhibitions in Israel, Spain, USA,Japan and Korea.
All works are copyright of the artist, and permission must be requested, for any reproduction of the these works.

Carmit has around 30 books currently in print and available for purchase. The majority of them are with accompanying Hebrew text, and are not easily aquired from abroad. Collectors, wishing to obtain copies, are warmly referred to the links page where English sites selling the books are listed.To e-mail please remove the three x's from the address, a spam stopper. E-MAIL View Guestbook Sign Guestbook