TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SHIBORI - AIZOME - Indigo dyeing and KUSAKIZOME - Natural Organic dyeing


Shibori Studio invites you to view our elegant collection of
exclusive Textiles, Art & Designs all created in the traditional Japanese methods and techniques.

SHIBORI PRODUCTS: Kimono, Yukata, Kimono Fabrics, Tan - kimono bolts, Eri - kimono collars, Obi, Traditional Japanese Garments, Designer Garments, Futon, Zabuton, Noren, Wall Art, Scarves, Accessories and fine Interior Decor items. Shibori Studio creations display a wide array of traditional Shibori and contemporary Shibori designs, motifs, patterns and techniques.
SHIBORI TECHNIQUES: Ori nui, Kanoko, Oke zome or Okezome, Shirokage, Awase nui, Mokume, Boshi, Arashi, Maki age or Makiage, Komasu, Yanagi, Hira nui, Miura, Yamamichi, Karamatsu, Kumo, Ne maki, Maki nui, Komasu, Koboshi, Kawamaki, Hinode, Katano, Itajime, Kikko, Miru and others are available.

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All Shibori Studio creations are created individually by hand in the traditional Japanese Shibori, Aizome and Kusakizome methods, processes and techniques. These master processes inherently result in each piece being an original and unique - one of a kind.
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Gallery 7 displays a silk Formal Evening Gown created with Shibori and Kusakizome.

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PHOTO AT RIGHT: The artist in traditional kimono prior to a performance of Nihon-Buyo with the Fujima School of Classical Japanese Dance.

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Domo arigato! - Shibori Studio
Carol Gustavson
Carol Gustavson prior to a Nihon-Buyo odori performance for a Fujima Ryu show wearing full formal kimono.


A possession for all time: an artistic work of enduring value. -Thucydides

Shibori Studio, shibori, shippo tsunagi shibori design pattern, indigo shibori, japanese shibori, indigo dyeing, shiborizome, indigo, aizome, textile, cotton, resist shibori, traditional shibori, award shibori, cotton fabric textile shibori, shibori design Shibori is a traditional Japanese textile art dating back to the 8th century.

The artist first creates a design and then the cloth is stitched, bound, resisted, wrapped or gathered by hand. Any number of these methods are used on one piece and often involves a dozen different techniques. The cloth is then dyed in natural dyes such as indigo, bark, roots, leaves, insects or resins. For each color, dozens of steps have to be altered, re-stitched, gathered etc. and the complicated processes repeated from start to finish.

It is common for a kimono to take a year to complete! Should an error occur during the processes, the entire piece may be ruined and months of work lost.

A traditional shibori apprentice studies for thirteen years.

Shibori cannot be produced with machinery. It can only be created by hand utilizing numerous labor intensive processes.

However - the results produce stunning designs and beautiful colors unobtainable with synthetic dyes!

Shibori is a Government Certified Traditional Craft of Japan. Authentic traditional Japanese shibori is becoming increasingly rare, even in Japan.


Alumni Association, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago Textile Society
Japan America Society
Surface Design Association
Fujima Shunojo School of Japanese Classical Dance; performer and student
Textile Museum
American Craft Council
EA of Hawaii, Traditional Hawaiian Quilt Association

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