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Estelle Sharrock Churchill.

I have always been driven by a need to communicate my reactions to the world around me. Eventually I came to choose art as my principle medium but I am also a photographer, digital illustrator & published poet.

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"Every day is a page of your life's history" -- Arabian proverb.

What I do & why I do it

I would describe myself as an 'expressionist'. With every piece I work on, I endeavour to portray the ugly & uncomfortable as well as the pleasant & beautiful aspects of life's experience.

I use mainly acrylics & pastels but I also work in inks, charcoal, pencil, & watercolours. I have recently started collage & assemblage art. I use many different techniques & materials because I try to make the whole piece not just the image portrayed tell the story.

In the past my work has been displayed in various exhibitions in New Zealand & the UK. As well as on various virtual galleries.

All of my art work, photography & poetry can now be viewed at
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