Puppets and Masks by
Rob D'Arc
(206) 441-1919

Top Row, Left to Right: 1) The Fox and the Little Prince from R.C.P. production The Little Prince (with costumes by Susannah Faith). 2) "Chip" Foam Robot Ventriloquist Figure. 3) La Llorona from Performance Riverside Production "Bocon"
Middle Row: "Cyril the Smatchet" Ventriloquist Figure. 2)"Trolls" from R.C.P. Production of The Hobbit (Costumes by Johnnie Breen & Susannah Faith).
3)"House on Her Back Refugee" from Bocon
Bottom: 1) Large Parade Puppet "Moon" from Orange Blossom Festival. 2) Third "Audrey II" Pod from Performance Riverside's Little Shop of Horrors

Top Row: 1) "Greenman Plaque" (Rigid Foam) for Renaissance Faire. 2) "Wood Elf" Armor (All Foam) from The Hobbit. 3) Aztec "Sun God" Puppet for Jim Gamble Puppet Productions
Middle Row: 1) Aztec "God of Night" (Same Show)
2) "Two Headed Watchdog" from Bocon 3) Pop-up Popsicle Stick Puppet from Toy Theater production Scrooge.
Bottom: 1)Two headed "Tocci Twins" Skeleton from Ringworm Brother's Circus Sideshow
2) "Ben Franklin Prosthetic Makeup" for Rialto Player's 1776.
3) "Adam and Eve" for main stage show Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire.
Puppets from Kidstuff Puppet Theater, 1987- Present
Top Row: 1)Leading Characters from The Porcupine That Wanted A Balloon.
2) "Professor Noodle," "Mr. Hammerpuss" and "Squeek" from Pip and Squeek Go to the Moon.
Middle: 1) "Minstrel" from The Sneaky Fox
2) Rob with Alligator and Mr.Punch from Punch and Judy. 3) "Scaramouche" from Punch and Judy
Bottom: 1)"Johnny Wolf" (3 Little Pigs). 2)Cast of Santa Claus Meets The Dinosaurs 3)"Barbara Yaga" from Rumpunzelstiltskin 4) W.I.C. Spokesrabbit Little Wrapper Rabbit
"The Great Goblin", created by myself and John "UlfBlood" Norris for a production of The Hobbit that I directed for Riverside Community Players...in the round!
Top Row: 1) Little Prince (Tanner Ritchie)& Geographer (Erin Finney) in R.C.P. production The Little Prince( Costumes by Susannah Faith)
2) Giant Mirkwood Spider from The Hobbit
3) Skeletal Soldier from Bocon
Bottom Row: 1) 2nd Goblin from The Hobbit
2) "Hand Walking Clown" from Ringworm Brother's Circus Sideshow
3) Fake Stained Glass Window from Vampire Castle Haunted House.
Gollum mechanism from The Hobbit
Twenty-two foot L200 Foam BlueWhale for the Fremont Arts Council 2003 Solstice Parade 
Archy the Cockroach from upcoming production of"Archy and Mehitabel"
30" marionettes built for Seattle Opera's 2005 production of "Tales of Hoffmann." In addition to building two sets of puppets and a set of practice puppets, I also trained the singers to operate them onstage.