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I love adornment, decorative items, jewelry, art and crafts. Putting them together to make original loomwork beaded necklaces, off-loom original art, amulet bags, sterling silver or high go filled earrings with beads, minerals, pearls and Swarovski crystals is what feeds my soul. Sharing these beauties, plus the possibility of owning a decorative, individual rock paper weight is spreading the soul food around. Making something from a kit using Delica beads for personal adornment or linking with other bead sites (or this artist) is worth the trip.

Beads never look as wonderful in pictures as they do when the light and background reflect their special light. A small bead artist who uses special embellished large beads or lampwork beads realize this, but guarantees you'll like viewing my beading samples in the gallery. I have included special links for my favorite site of other artists. Want something different from what you see (such as unique bead embroidery), please e-mail me.

Beads have taken over my life. Please enjoy what I've produced. I'm always available to chat about beads and chocolate. .

"A life without color is just black and white."
Abigail Humphreyson

The items I create grow out of my imagination with many other creative types being the springboard of inspiration. My work is orignal only in the fact that everything goes through my personal matrix of being and comes out unique. All art grows from within and is influenced by those contacts from without. What you see is my interpretation of life and the universe as it comes to me.

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Handweavers Guild of Boulder Sale

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