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Petra-Marita Sadowski 2002


1957 born in Soest /Germany

1978 Academy of Fine Arts , Luise Kimme , Tony Cragg , Anthony Twaites (History of Art), Prof. Walter Biemel (Philosophy)
1979 - 1984 Academy of Fine Arts Duesseldorf Graphic - Prof. Rolf Sackenheim

1982 Meisterschuelerin (Masterclass) Prof. R. Sackenheim
Stipendium École des Beaux-Arts Mulhouse - France (Graphic class Prof. Robert Simon)
member of the group 'Textilkunst Duesseldorf'

1983 member of VG Bild-Kunst (Foundation for Visual Arts/ Artists Right Society)
member of BBK (Professional Association of Fine Artists) Duesseldorf

1984 working as full time artist
member of 'Kunstverein Kreis Soest e.v.' (Artists Society of Soest)

About me:

Although my early training was in fine art as a graphical artist, I have been working in textiles since the early eighties. Collage has always been a part of my work having collected pieces of fabric and threads and enjoyed improvising something from nothing and transforming it into something new. These are used together with textile techniques in combination with paper making, drawing with threads and collage. I stitch areas both hand and machine following the same formal concerns as one would in painting or graphic e.g. sharp texture, colour, shades. I usually have an idea or a drawing of what I want but playing with the material is a major part of my work. I also use paints and dyes and manufacture pieces if necessary.

. . . 'diaries of time and space, a personal mythology. The viewer is left to form his own narrative, his own memories to be evoked . . . the interpretation of an image was a denial of its mystery, one cannot speak about mystery, one must be seized by it . . .' Rene Magritte.

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"Impulse III", Rolf Sackenheim, Erwin Heerich; 1985 Kunstakademie Duesseldorf/D

"Bindungen - Textilkunst(Fiber Art) aus NRW", Band 23, 1987 Emschertalmuseum Herne

"BBK - Dokumentation 1992" Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler Bezirk Duesseldorf e.V.

" Textilkunst im Wirkungsbereich Deutschland, Oesterreich und der Schweiz"
(anthology about contemporary textile artists in Germany, Austria and Swizerland),
Gabriele Gruenke; 1995 (ISBN 3-85119-263-X) Hollinek Verlag, Wien/A

" Kuerschners Compendium of Fine Artists -Germany-Austria-Swizerland- 2005" Andreas Klimt/Sandra Trepák ( ISBN 3-598-24734-6 ) K. G. Saur Verlag, Muenchen/D

" Art Directory Germany, Austria, Switzerland " 18. Ausg. 2008 ( ISBN 978-3-598-23116-2 ) K. G. Saur Verlag, Muenchen/D

"75 Kuenstlerinnen und Kuenstler im Kunstverein Kreis Soest" Kuenstlerverzeichnis 2007/2008 (ISBN 978-3-00-021825-5)

in the catalogues of the exhibitions as well as in newspaper and journal articles

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