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The way I work:

My works are an assembly of a variety of different fabric, materials and threads, soft materials, that are combined.

I employ all sorts of textile techniques: fraying, twisting, tying knots, sewing and felting as well by hand as by machine, embroidering, embroiling, ripping, tearing and joining together again. The cloth becomes bulges and ropes by twisting, rolling, winding and knotting threads around.

The shape of a grid or a network does appear by tearing threads out and tangling them by knotting and compressing. Threads - lined up and standing out in sharp relief - work like pencil lines or lines of a graph to give a graphical effect to the works.

Several effect levels merge in different intensity to create a spatial dimension, which reaches from the relief to space installation.

Some objects are overpainted with white and coloured with earthy, natural and broken colours to give them depth and shades. Some are made out of hand-dyed cloth covered with gauze, veil or netting and get shades through felting. Sometimes beads, wooden pieces of branches or copper wire are integrated.

Decomposed leaves and their structures form the emphasis for the topics of my work, also fissured mountain walls, landscape structures from bird perspective, windows of connections and branches - material stands for vegetable matter.

For further information about my work read more in German about me, please.

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