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Web World - Vernetzte Welt


27,559 x 19,685 inch
(70 x 50 cm)
cotton, cotton threads, white acrylics and aquarell, sewn by hand


Please choose the rooms you want to visit or go to the first and follow the arrows for a tour through my gallery. You will reach this page again.

World of Stones

This is the room of the gallery where you can find my pictures about mountain walls and other stones

World of Miniatures

In this room of the gallery you can find my smallest pictures

World of Leaves

How leaves can look worked out of shreds and threads

World of Creatures

Some creatures are to be found here, do you know them?

World of Water

Waterfalls, overfloating damm pictures and rivers created from soft materials

World of Mixed Media    

Sewn paper and cloth combinations, mounted behind a mat board
Mixed Media

World of Accessories       Coming soon!!!

art-to-wear Unique pieces of art to be worn as chains, bracelets, armrings, scarves, ties or bags.

World of Photos

Inspirational photos for my works

Please remember that all artwork in all of the rooms of "My Gallery" is copyrighted and reproduction of any kind is prohibited without written authorization.
Creator No 282167
VG Bild-Kunst (Foundation for Visual Arts/Artists Right Society)
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