Angelo Draws While his Mom Does Josué's Laundry

Josué had a woman from the neighborhood come over to do his laundry and clean the house sometimes. She could always use the money. Often she would ask him for money to pay for some medical expenses. Most of Josué's Nicaraguan friends would ask him for favors at times. A Peace Corps salary doesn't provide for much luxury, but since he's a Yanquí, everyone assumed my brother is rich. This didn't stop people from giving gifts to him. Josué had to be careful. If he complimented someone's shirt, they were likely to give it to him off their back.

As a Yanquí, my brother was a fantastic curiosity for the children of the neighborhood. They would often gather around to watch him practice his banjo. They also came to draw. Josué always kept plenty of paper and crayons available for the kids.

2000, Pencil on Paper, 8.5" x 5"