Laundry in the Lake


2000, Pencil on Paper, 5" x 8.5"

Nicaragua is known as 'The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes." Omotepe is an island on northeastern Lake Nicaragua formed by two volcanoes - Mt. Maderas and Mt. Concepcion. Lake Nicaragua is the tenth largest fresh water lake in the world. It's the only fresh water lake with sharks.

Josué, Todd Buchanan (Omotepe's Peace Corps volunteer), and I ate gigantic plates of fried fish in a sweet tomato-pineapple sauce and cold bottles of Victoria (actually, Todd was drinking Tona, the other Nicaraguan beer) on the beach near Chico Largo's lagoon.

Omotepe has been on the verge of a tourist boom ever since the war ended. Once on the island, you get the urge to stay there forever, and not just because you dread the nauseating ferry ride back to the mainland. If you make a deal with the mystical deer-man, Chico Largo, you will never be able to leave.