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group project, the Chimp challenge

The Chimp Challenge

This project was begun on July 11 after a post on the message board that read, "I've been unable to get inspired to draw anything although I do have the desire to draw. I was wondering if any of you would like to come up with an idea of something to draw. We could each draw the same thing, then compare techniques, style, etc."

It was quickly decided that the participants would all draw a chimp.
Everyone was excited and the project was started.

The last picture was posted on September 14, and what a wonderful range of works they were.
There were many discussions on everyone's works and we all enjoyed learning new tricks and techniques in the process.

This was a great project and everyone is now looking forward to the next one.

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Chimp by Phillip Chestnut
Phillip Chestnut

Artemis by Kitty Dodd
Kitty Dodd
The Elder by Michelle Martindale
The Elder
Michelle Martindale

Who Me? by Arizona
Who Me?
Arizona Hughes
Mama Chimp by Nora Sallows
Mama Chimp
Nora Sallows

Agys Chimpanzee by Agy
E=MC squared
Agy Wilson
Chimp by Julie Porter
Julie Porter

Mother Love by Bob Ebdon
Mother Love
Bob Ebdon
The Experiment by Carol Moore by Carol Moore
The Experiment
Carol Moore

unfinished chimp by Agy
Baby Monkey Belly Button
Agy Wilson

The copyrights of all artwork on this site remain with the creating artist.
Their works are posted here by permission.

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