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Excellence in Independent Publishing
2009 Winner

"Gattorno A Cuban Painter For The World"


Séan M. Poole

WINNER - London Book Festival 2008
New England Book Festival 2009
Photography / art genre category

"...A gorgeous coffee table book that combines English and Spanish in one edition, “Gattorno: A Cuban Painter For The World” would be a welcome addition to any art-lover’s collection, particularly those with a taste beyond the established art canon."... London Book Festival

"...He (Gattorno) is truly a rediscovery in the classic sense of the word, and his remarkable body of work is lovingly recreated in the book, which covers a selection of oil painting, ceramics, works on paper and other mediums."... London Book Festival

Honorable Mention - New York Book Festival - 2008
San Francisco Book Festival - 2009

Runner-up in The Florida Book Festival 2014

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This is a 9" x 12", 248 page book in English and Spanish with full color pictures and plates of Gattorno's life work.



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Séan M. Poole
Séan Poole spoke at the Ernest Hemingway Festival presented by the Community Library in Ketchum, Idaho in partnership with the Idaho Humanities Council and Boise State University in September 2014.

The festival explored Hemingway's life in Cuba where he lived from 1932 - 1960

Mr. Poole was the keynote speaker on September 4, 2014. He spoke on the relationship between Gattorno and Hemingway and the influence of their friendship on their respective work.

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Mr. Poole is available for lectures at galleries, art classes, libraries, and book clubs. Please email him at and put lecture in the subject. Thank you.

Read about Mr. Poole's latest release - a book of adult poetry with sketches titled "Words Are My Paint".

Book Review by US Review of Books 2009
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The Antonio Gattorno Website features images as important and visually exciting as any of the great 20th century paintings already recognized as masterworks of the era.

Antonio Gattorno (Cuban, 1904-1980) was one of the pioneers of the modern art movement in Cuba. Gattorno was the first Cuban artist to achieve a reputation as a universal contemporary. Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos sponsored Gattorno's first U.S. exhibit in 1936. From the 1930's through the 1970's, reviews of his solo exhibitions in the New York Times and other important newspapers considered him a major talent and compared him to artists as diverse as Eduard Manet and Salvador Dali.

This site has been established to re-introduce the world to these images which are as fresh and exciting as the day they were finished.

Please take some time to browse through our galleries, or purchase the book, note cards and prints.

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  "Gattorno - A Painter Of Surface and Symbol" by Sean M. Poole

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